POROLUX™ Software

Every POROLUX™ porometer comes with a sophisticated software package for parameterizing and running tests as well as for data aquisition and analysis.

The software package is ready for Microsoft Windows versions XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are supported.

With yearly updates, we extend and improve our software for the benefit of our customers. 


As an option, the software interface can be multilingual, all main market languages are available.

Filtering data files, showing overlays of graphs, zoom in on interesting stages of the measurement, all is just one or two clicks away.

Once the analysis is finished, reports can be generated in various formats. Complete data exports to Microsoft Word and Excel are possible, including the raw measurement data.

The software enables you not just to run any tests, but also to analyse various acquired data from different tests. Comparing materials and test results is therefore as easy as possible.

Various settings of the device can be changed in 2 different access levels. The admin mode is password protected and prohibits wrong settings.

The test data files can directly be used for further analysis of the sample in PoreXpert, a modelling software of which a test licence is delivered with each POROLUX™ Porometer.