POROLUX™ - The world leader in porometry

Based on many years of experience we have acquired a true understanding of porometers and their applications. Because we believed that most porometers had significant weaknesses, we developed the POROLUX™ porometers, a range of instruments based on capillary flow porometry for testing membranes, filters, technical textiles, nonwovens, papers, hollow fibers and ceramics amongst other.

Our POROLUX™ product range is widely used to measure maximum, mean and minimum pore size, pore size distribution and gas permeability with improved accuracy and reproducibility compared to other current equipment available in the market.

Knowledge base:

As mentioned, we have gained a solid record of knowledge about porometry. Check the documents below and take profit of our knowledge.

The POROLUX true FBP detection mode

The POROLUX calculated FBP detection mode

Reproducibility POROLUX 1000 measurements of PC membranes

Choose your instrument:

Instrument type


Porolux 1000 series

Research grade step stability instrument, highest reliability, reproducibility and quality

Porolux 500

Combination of quick measurements and high precision in scanning mode

Porolux 100

The standard instrument for QC purposes, robust and reliable

Porolux 100 NW

The special version of Porolux 100 for non woven media

Porolux 100 FM

The special version of Porolux 100 for paper filter media