POROLIQ™ - The world leader in liquid porometry

With the new developed POROLIQTM 1000, we offer a device which introduces new possibilities in the field of porometry meeting the highest requirements of the scientific community. The device is „made in Germany“, easy to operate and on high level of functionality.

The POROLIQTM 1000 allows revolutionary measurements in porometry, whose functionality and design are unique on the world. With this device it is possible to measure nano and ultra filtration material by using the measurement principle of liquid porometry. Smaller interfacial tensions and the highly precise measurement technology makes it possible to measure down to the smallest nanometer pores.

A new mathematical model of pore modelling is integrated in the POROLIQTM 1000 software, allowing to determine additional values for e.g. pore numbers, average pore sizes and other interesting sample-specific values.

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Instrument type


Poroliq 1000

Research grade step stability instrument, highest reliability, reproducibility and quality. Device designed for water, pore measurements down to 2 nm.

Poroliq 1000 ML

Research grade step stability instrument, able to run with multiple liquids. Larger pores up to 1 µm (1,000 nm) possible.